<We've done some stuff. And got some results/>

We've been responsible for many happy clients and even more happy users. But instead of telling you all about our successes, we'll let the stats do the talking.

<1.3 billion minutes of seamless streaming/>

By working to anticipate and avoid interruptions during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we helped Discovery+ win the 'Best New Platform' award of SportsPro Media's OTT Awards 2021.

<5 million app downloads and 65 million transactions./>

Shohoz started as a ticketing engine and soon added on ride-sharing, food and pharma delivery, and even truck hire. Today Shohoz is regarded as Bangladesh’s Super App with over 5 Million app downloads, servicing 15 million Bangladeshis, and 65 million transactions.

<A useful user experience is a repeated user experience/>

The Phatisa app needed improvements in the overall journey, particularly how access to categories of articles and the addition of being able to save. The technology needed a revamp in terms of its functionality all while not compromising the user journey.

<Blazing Trails in Sports Streaming Hooligan Development & DAZN's Journey/>

In the digital colosseum where OTTs battle for supremacy, DAZN is leading the charge in changing how we watch sports. Hooligan Development joined forces with DAZN for a 19-month tech marathon. Together, we tackled major challenges to enhance DAZN’s digital experience – making it more intuitive, faster, and user-friendly.

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