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Streaming never sleeps. Neither does our code.

By assembling a kickass team of designers, developers and engineers, we analyse every inch of your platform to identify opportunities for improvement. Our expertise lies in the highly demanding and ever-changing OTT space, covering a wide range of VOD platforms and online streaming services.
Minutes of
uninterrupted streaming
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Do you need a high-performance dev team?

Time is of the essence
When seconds count, constant monitoring can’t be delayed. Installing continuous real-time monitoring systems speeds up your reaction time to user issues, restoring operations and fixes in seconds not minutes.
Prepare for a growing user base
Looking to scale your user base? Then your systems need to be in place to ensure a seamless user experience. With our DevOps and OTT expertise you can be rest assured your platform is in good hands.
Connected living room device
Allowing users to stream on the devices they choose is a sure way to retain them. But the transition between devices needs to be effortless. Our experience in deploying to thousands of devices comes in handy.
Testing, testing, testing!
It has become essential to test an OTT service before layout to ensure multi-platform support and other important OTT service parameters. Our teams and systems of manual and automated QA testing keep things running smoothly.

Our reputation for delivering exceptional OTT experiences has made us the preferred DevOps partner for some of the top global platforms.

1.3 billion minutes of seamless streaming.

By working to anticipate and avoid interruptions during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we helped Discovery+ win the 'Best New Platform' award of SportsPro Media's OTT Awards 2021. Our goal was to optimise their digital offerings to improve the overall user experience and result in a higher retention of happy users.


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