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This article explores the key factors in delivering a successful UX, specifically focusing on content discovery and viewer retention.

User Experience for Content Discovery and Viewer Retention

In today's world of endless content and competing platforms, providing a seamless user experience (UX) that caters to user preferences is more important than ever. UX design constantly evolves to offer users a personalised and immersive experience that keeps them engaged and loyal to the platform.
One of the critical factors in delivering a successful UX is content discovery, which determines how users find and engage with content. By prioritising content discovery and viewer retention, platforms can maximise their subscription base and cultivate a dedicated audience. This article will explore how platforms can improve user experience through personalisation, data optimisation, user feedback, and emerging technologies, among other strategies.


Personalisation is a significant challenge when catering to a diverse range of users. However, by understanding their preferences, platforms can deliver content in a way that resonates with individual tastes. The ultimate goal is to provide a unique and customised experience that keeps users returning for more.

Content Delivery

Optimising content delivery across different devices is another crucial aspect of UX. Whether it's a device with limited data or hardware limitations, platforms must ensure seamless performance and accessibility for all users. Data optimisation and prioritisation are critical factors in delivering a smooth user experience.

The User

Designing a successful UX journey requires a deep understanding of the audience. By capturing user preferences and delivering a product that satisfies their needs, platforms can turn users into active marketing tools who share their positive experiences with others.

Additionally, performance and analytics tools are crucial in refining the user experience. Platforms gather valuable data about user behaviour and preferences through A/B testing, heat mapping, and online analytics. This data informs the design of new releases and updates, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Platforms should also prioritise user feedback as a valuable resource for improvement. Utilising user surveys and interactive features, they garner responsive feedback at the end of a user journey or through simple interactions like star ratings. This feedback helps platforms gather insights and make necessary adjustments to enhance the user experience.

What we do

A data-driven approach is at the heart of Hooligan's UX philosophy. Every feature or UX project is backed up by extensive research and testing, ensuring clients have confidence in the proposed strategies. This user-centric approach allows platforms to craft prototypes and wireframes that reflect user preferences and refine them before development. Looking ahead, we should stay aware of the ever-growing influence of AI, augmented reality, and voice technology. These advancements can potentially revolutionise the video-on demand experience, making it more personalised and immersive. Integrating voice activation and customised content creation tools will enhance the user experience and keep platforms at the forefront of innovation.

The content creation landscape has witnessed a significant shift, with platforms like TikTok and other social media platforms allowing users to engage with content uniquely. This democratisation of content creation allows small players to capture market share with bespoke content created using accessible and user-friendly tools.

User experience remains a crucial driver for viewer retention and content discovery. By prioritising personalisation, data optimisation, and user feedback, platforms can create a loyal user base and deliver a customised and immersive experience. The integration of emerging technologies and the accessibility of content creation tools further enhance the user experience, opening up new opportunities for both platforms and content creators.

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