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Shohoz started as a ticketing engine and soon added on ride-sharing, food and pharma delivery, and even truck hire. Today, Shohoz is regarded as Bangladesh’s Super App with over 5 million app downloads, servicing 15 million Bangladeshis, and 65 million transactions.

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<Deployment without a sound DevOps foundation/>

With all the innovations Shohoz was adding to their platform, they found themselves unable to keep up with the need to maintain the platform. Without a sound strategic foundation, Shohoz had ended up with a ton of manual processes, bugs everywhere, and a system that would break spontaneously. In order to stop the bleeding and drop the burn rate, something had to be done.

<Drop the burn rate: Monolythic vs Micro-service/>

Hooligan Development formulated a strategy to move Shohoz from a monolithic to a micro-service platform, all while laying down a DevOps foundation. We also had to finetune, tailor and install automation that supported continuous integration and continuous delivery. Shohoz's cloud infrastructure was also moved to AWS. The Hooligan teams had to remove the manual pains out by creating bespoke automation and implement continuous integration.

<Improve Efficiences. Deploy faster. Drop the burn rate/>

Hooligan Development improved efficiencies, saving time, cutting cost, and ultimately reducing system failures. Shohoz could now deploy micro-services without the entire platform being affected. The move of Shohoz's cloud infrastructure to a scalable environment cut their cloud infrastructure costs by up to 70%. This DevOps intervention dropped the overall burn rate allowing Shohoz to deploy faster with improved efficiencies and reduced system failures. The Hooligan DevOps team stopped the bleeding and migrated an entire platform to a micro-service deploying machine without a single transaction being adversely affected.

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70% Reduction in cloud infrastructure costs

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Faster deployment

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Reduced system failures

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