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Phatisa is a sector-specific African private equity fund manager located in and operating across sub-Saharan Africa. In an effort to entice and inform foreign investors about the opportunities available to them in Africa, Phatisa created an investment tool in the form of an app that feeds users up to date private equity news all around Africa. So the second something goes down, investors get the information they need to make decisions on the go.

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<The User Experience is king/>

The Phatisa app needed improvements in the overall journey, particularly how access to categories of articles and the addition of being able to save. The technology needed a revamp in terms of its functionality all while not compromising the user journey.

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<Improve the experience, improve the numbers/>

Hooligan Development’s goal was to upgrade the Phatisa app with the latest and greatest technology providing a more professional looking, and bug free environment. Systems for newsletter subscriptions and user accounts were also embedded. The Phatisa.com blog had to have a direct link to the app so that when the website’s blog gets updated and fed instantly to the app. The user gets notified of information of interest through push notifications, allowing first access to investment information.

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<The numbers don't lie/>

Through a smoother integration and user experience, engagement with the app increased. We altered the narrative of investors just downloading and forgetting the app, into an app that has become vital to their assessment of up to date opportunities all around Africa. Becoming the first to know drove the app usage and new subscriptions.

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