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We deliver scalable and robust Android and Apple iOS app development services to the world. Hooligan Development is a leading Android and Apple iOS app development company offering upgradeable, customer-friendly, innovative Android and Apple Apps.
Benefits of Mobile Apps
Integrate Mobile With Web

Already have a great web-based application? See that your users have access to it via mobile devices. Our app developers can build a brilliant mobile counterpart that integrates seamlessly keeping your users connected at all times.

Built for IOS and Android

Building apps for both platforms allows greater flexibility, a better user experience, and more robust features. Hooligan app developers are experts in iOS and Android, and we'll get your app to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Streamline Your Business

As your business grows and things get more complicated, so do your businesses processes. By adding Hooligan mobile applications to your internal systems, you'll be able to work remotely, cut down on inefficiencies, increase productivity, save valuable time and money.

Create a Stand-Alone App

If mobile is the core of your business, Hooligan can build an app that provides your customers with superior user experience. Whether you're a startup or an established business, we know exactly how to turn your valuable idea into reality.

Customer Service

If customer service is one of your top priorities, mobile apps are the answer to raising customer satisfaction across the board.


Hooligan has a wealth of coding experience in a variety of languages that will bring your custom-made project to life. Our team of developers use clean & modern code practices that blur the lines between the impossible and the achievable.
React Native
GCM Firebase
Endless possibilities in the palm of your hand

Mobile software is the cornerstone of any modern business. Hooligan has extensive experience creating innovative mobile apps with different technology stacks. We develop the right mobile apps for our customers; our solutions are robust and reliable, and we always use the most up-to-date and efficient UI/UX.

We use Mobile apps everyday:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • SoundCloud Pulse
  • Bloomberg
  • Pinterest

Whatever you want to build, Hooligan will assist you. With the power of mobile software technologies, our engineers will transform your business

We create applications that automate businesses processes so you can focus on your business instead of wasting valuable time and money on labor-intensive systems and administration.

Process Automation Solutions

A Hooligan mobile app can include video and audio streaming, image processing and management, social network integration, monetization tools, or all of the above for your business.

Multimedia Tools

Many custom Hooligan mobile apps are created to help our customers in the market. We help e-commerce companies provide secure and efficient user experiences, manage inventory and payments, and keep their businesses running smoothly.

E-Commerce Apps

Hooligan mobile solutions can easily be integrated with existing social networking applications, adding a new layer of interactivity and fun experience for your users.

Social Networking Apps

Our engineers create mobile apps that enrich busy people's lives. Your customers will have amazing access to events, sports, food, travel, culture, and all of the good stuff life has to offer.

Lifestyle & Leisure Apps

Hooligan applications create customized news and information experiences for your users, with advanced UI and superior graphic design, all within your control.

News & Information Apps

Sometimes your ideas just don't fit into a category. That's why Hooligan loves helping our customers engineer totally new mobile applications from the ground-up.

One-of-a-kind Apps
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