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End-to-end custom development designs applications that are flexible, scalable, and secure to guarantee all employees simplified and personalized access to the same apps anywhere.
Benefits of Enterprise Software
Eliminate human errors

When a company has a poor IT structure, its productivity decreases and may, as a result, suffer significant losses.
Nonetheless, when enterprise solutions are applied, the capacity to solve problems is improved, and production is not only significantly increased but also more efficient.

Automate mundane tasks

If there is one thing in which enterprise software technologies stand out, it is in the streamlining of all company processes. It does not matter if the IT structure is complicated or if multiple applications are asynchronous with each other, tasks can be automated and simplified.

Save time

Enterprise solutions reduce the cost of running a business and saves it time. By lowering the cost and time spent, a company can free up more of its resources to invest in other assets or improvements.

Efficiency and accuracy

When the different parts of a company integrate, the information exchange is much higher. All employees can have access to the data and software used. This integration prevents duplication of information, so the structure works better and with much more efficiency.

Big data storage

The carrying out of the different business processes generate large amounts of data. With enterprise software, it is much easier to track and analyze that data to understand how they work and how to control the contributing factors.

Actionable Analytics

One of the most important aspects of improving and streamlining a business is having data stored in a way that can be easily analyzed. As the saying goes, "what gets measured, gets managed," and the same applies to business data.


Hooligan has a wealth of coding experience in a variety of languages that will bring your custom-made project to life. Our team of developers use clean & modern code practices that blur the lines between the impossible and the achievable.
React JS
Mongo DB
Elastic Search
Micro Services
SQL Database
Custom Enterprise Software Development

No two businesses are alike, so if their automation software has to be efficient, the software can’t be alike either !! So, develop an enterprise software solution that solves your organization’s unique problem in the most efficient manner.

Enterprise web applications are developed to meet the needs of an organization rather than individual users and that is what makes enterprise application development challenging.

Leverage Hooligan Development's decades of experience in developing enterprise applications and deploying them in various enterprise environments. Hooligan Development is experienced with custom enterprise application development for all industries including Education, Transportation & Logistics, Media, eCommerce, FinTech, etc.

Custom Enterprise Mobile App Development

Thriving technology floors the way for revolutionary changes in enterprises all over the world. The enterprise mobility market size is predicted to grow from $35.10 billion in 2016 to $73.30 billion by 2021.

Custom, end-to-end custom enterprise development means apps that are flexible, scalable, and secure to ensure all employees can have simplified and personalized access to the same applications from anywhere they want. And. all these without compromising enterprise security.

Whether your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, store data and information or provide comprehensive workflows, we provide the solutions to increase the quality of your business and services.

Leverage Hooligan Development's decades of experience in developing enterprise applications and deploying them in various enterprise environments. Hooligan Development is experienced with custom enterprise application development for all industries including Education, Transportation & Logistics, Media, eCommerce, FinTech, etc.

Application Modernization, Maintenance & Support

Along with development, Hooligan Development also encompasses maintenance, support, and modernization of existing systems. We make the necessary modifications and revisions to the software to accommodate changing requirements. Hooligan Development offer 90 days free maintenance and bug support too.

An outdated enterprise application often results in extra effort and time from your employees’ side. We also modernize enterprise applications to create new business value from existing applications by updating them with modern features and capabilities.

Enterprise Software Integration

With increasing no. of databases, applications moving to cloud, increasing endpoints and trillions of data generated every second, more and more enterprise systems require data exchange constantly and seamlessly.

Integration means better management and sharing of data, flexibility, and efficiency. As this has a lot of unknown variables and requires extensive research on a developer’s behalf, this process is extremely challenging.

The developers need to understand the data structure, APIs, protocols, etc in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the endpoints before integrating the whole program.

Our team can help you develop Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help your employees with back-office automation, better customer service, organize and process financial data and generate reports. This, in turn, will increase efficiency, decrease cost and streamline processes to improve productivity.

ERP software

Better manage the scheduling of appointments and bookings with the help of appointment reminders, employee and customer management, calendar integration and payment processing features in a custom develop scheduling software.

Scheduling and booking software

The last thing your business needs is more paperwork. Plan your purchases, make sure the right information goes to your suppliers and have an overview of your stock levels with the help of a Purchase order management software.

Purchase order system

Most of the project involves multiple moving components, like shifting priorities, changing resource constraints and ever-changing business requirements. Custom built powerful and flexible project management tool can make the project planning, time management, resource management, communication, and collaboration seamless and provide a bird’s eye view of all the moving components and ways to manage them.

Project management software

A huge amount of data is generated every single moment. This data needs to be gathered, organized, made interpretable, and then analyzed and acted on to provide any meaningful value to executives and other decision makers. Enterprise software development with custom built Analytics platform serve the exact purpose and unlike one-dimensional tables and charts that can only be viewed, data visualization tools enable users to interact with data.

Analytics platform
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