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Mob Teams-

Deploy handpicked teams of specialist engineers dedicated to focusing on nothing but growth and forward momentum of your development goals.

Each team is brainwashed to concentrate on the future of the end product while unlocking potential advancements not yet considered. Our teams seamlessly integrate with existing dev teams to be more productive, rubbing off best in class processes and culture for an autonomous unit that just keeps going.

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Mob Team

\‘hü-li-gən ‘mäb ‘tēm\

Definition of a Mob Team

  • Mob programming (informally mobbing) is a software development approach where a specialist team works together towards solving the same problem, at the same time. The concept is simple: the entire team works as a unit together on one task at a time.
  • A Hooligan Mob Team is an outsourced, managed, proactive team with a cult-like focus on crushing goals, that scales at pace no matter the project or skills needed.

How we roll out Mob Teams

Managed Proactive Teams
When your rapid growth gets ahead of you, your burn rates start showing flames, or a lack of development focus leaves more goals unchecked than crushed, you need an outsourced dev team principles and ironclad systems in place. Our experience and proactive approach allow us to pre-empt obstacles, lock onto issues and slay them well before you ever knew they were coming.
Agile & Scalable
Our globally available and time zone agnostic team operates like a well-oiled machine. With a highly flexible and scalable team, rest assured that we’re on top of everything, stabilizing the code base for future expansions.
Take Ownership
Our MOB teams’ ability to take ownership of the code, allows us to execute autonomously as an extension of your business, as if we were an inhouse dev team.
Quality of service
Our overall approach stemming from a sound strategic base provides a butler-like service whereby every need is satisfied, any issues eradicated in no time and all without you lifting a finger.
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