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Dplay is a swiftly expanding online on-demand streaming service operated by Discovery Channel. Having already amassed a few million subscribers across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden in a few months, their meteoric rise has been indisputable. With new exciting additions to their bouquet and the expected tripling of subscribers, they needed an army of developers to see them through.

The Problem
Rapid growth needs a partner that scales at pace

In a matter of months, Dplay has grown extraordinarily and is expected to do even better with the prospects of opening up to new markets and irresistible content. Their projected growth required flexible and ever scaling squads to be deployed. But these squads also needed to take ownership of the code and autonomously execute as an extension of the Dplay systems.

The Solution

Hooligan Development was the perfect fit for Dplay. With strategic principles and ironclad systems already in place, all we had to do was expand our squads to include further resources to our Android, iOS, React, Manual and Automation QA disciplines. Our experience allowed us to pre-empt the challenges, and along with our proactive approach, we tackled obstacles and issues well before Dplay ever knew they were coming. 

Rapid-growing well-oiled Hooligan Squads at your service
The Results
From partners to custodians of the codebase and pipeline

Our globally available Hooligan Development tribe provide a time zone agnostic machine that just keeps working. Our ability to take ownership of the verticals made for a thrilled client and a stable codebase for future expansions with highly flexible and managed squads.

So, if you're looking to deploy squads or tribes that scale, that get the job done, drop a Hooligan an email and let's chat.
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