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March 2018
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PRP Solutions
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PRP Solutions is a fully-fledged People Resource Planning (PRP) solution enabling managers to manage large workforces remotely, in real-time and in diverse work environments for organisations with widespread geographical footprints. In order to achieve this, they have a suite of software products with each individual product tailored to meet the needs of various stake holders through an organisation.
One of the products in the PRP suite, is called Team Leader and is created as a web-based application which allows a team leader to manage various aspects of his/her team. This application was delivered using JQuery mobile and had limited functionality to allow Team Leaders to access the information from their tablets. Our Goal, was to transform the look and feel of this project to make it more user friendly and engaging, increase its mobile accessibility by allowing for more devices to access it and finally to bring the project into a much newer tech stack.
The first challenge was to establish what the new tech stack would be. By default, the team at PRP solutions are a team which work on asp.net web forms, Silverlight, and SOAP services. After lots of homework and discussions about pros and cons, along with the CTO of PRP solutions, the decision was made that the new stack would be: Asp.net core, Web Api 2, Razor HTML, Typescript One of the biggest Goals which needed to be kept in the back of everyone’s mind, is that we were working towards replacing the Silverlight version of the product one re-useable component at a time.
Our UX team crafted a new look and feel for the over all project which incorporated the Material Design concept. This allowed for easy to use controls which allow for the app to operate in a similar method to that of a native app on your mobile device. Making responsive layout of the interface seamless. Our development team delivered this new layout in the latest version of Razor and Kendo tools, using technologies like Typescript to create an experience on the platform which never left the user asking “How do I use this product?”. Components are re-useable and taking advantage of local storage, all user settings are stored, remembered and persisted to speed up interactions with the product.
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